About Elixir & Company

I can’t tell you where my passion for crafting delicious cocktails began. It's much too long ago to remember. Let's just say it starts with Kool and ends with -Aid.  

As a child, there was something magical about mixing together different flavors of Kool-Aid, and if I were lucky, my mom would allow me to mix in a little fresh or frozen fruit. I would create all sorts of sweet, tart, and frozen beverages. 

Prohibition ends, I turn 21, and my appetite quickly transitions to a strong liking for gin and whiskey, and a preference for more bitter than sweet. My craft skills grew as well! This is where my passion for creating amazingly delicious and appealing cocktails began! 

To sharpen my craft, I spent a summer learning the bartender trade in Professional Bartenders School and shortly after, I established Elixir & Company, which provided a platform for me to do what I love; make simple, amazing tasting cocktails. With my new and improved skill set for creating beautiful libations, my mission became clear, to seek out, create, and share the simplicity in crafting delicious, non-pretentious cocktails, but from the comfort of home.   

Thanks to social media and the rise of the makers movement, my humble beginnings of sharing my mixology passion with close family and friends found a voice. 

A significant part of today's makers movement is using fresh ingredients to craft amazing cocktails, or as some would label it, the farm to table movement. 

In our efforts to join the makers movement, and revive cocktail crafters everywhere, Elixir & Company launched its  inaugural product, a Monthly Cocktail Subscription Box with one goal of igniting the home bar cart revolution!   

Join us in this maker’s movement and within time, you'll liven up your home bar cart all while erasing the mystery in mixology - one great cocktail at a time.  

Join the Bar Cart Revolution! 

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